Thursday, July 18, 2013


Nixon Gene

4 months ago on March 10 we had baby #2. Little Nixon Gene was induced 3 weeks early.  I was measuring small and they thought maybe he wasn't growing anymore so they took him out! It was great! I asked if I could always be induced 3 weeks early, and they said No. haha. Nixon was 6.2 lbs and healthy as could be.  He is the sweetest baby ever and I don't know how I got so lucky with this little guy.   Connor and Nixon are almost exactly 19 months apart.  Connor loves him but he doesn't really understand that he can't play. He always puts his balls in front of the baby, wanting him to throw them, and he stands there with his bat waiting for him to throw them. When Nixon throws his arms around Connor thinks he is hitting him and says, "stop it Nixon. Don't hit me." He really didn't have interest in him at first but the older he gets the more he likes him. He loves to have tummy time with him and is always looking around for him. He likes to "carry" him around now too...I of course am holding him. I love my little guys!

 Michael on the back porch with Connor on his last day as an only child. 

 One last shot before we had the baby. We forgot to take a picture earlier. 
And right after he got here!

Dad with baby boy 2. 

 Connor's first time meeting Nixon. He didn't really know what to think about him. He was still pretty young and being a boy he really had no interest in babies...I don't think he even really knew what a baby was. 
Connor loves sitting in the Bumbo. He gets mad if Nixon is in it and comes and tells me that he needs the chair. 
I feel like my little boy had to grow up so fast because a new baby came. It was sad to me to see him grow up but amazing how fast a kid can grow up when they have to. I love both of their personalities and already see a big difference in them. I love everything about both of them.  I love my 2 little men and feel so lucky to be their mom. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby Shower

 I threw a baby shower for one of my best friends Andrea and thank goodness my sisters and sister in law were in town to help! I think it turned out pretty cute. My sister in law has better pictures but here are a few I got. It was a vintage circus theme. My sister laura and sister in law Emily are very creative and artistic and it turned out perfect! And thanks to Rachel for all of the yummy fruit! We found lots of things we would add next time but it still turned out super cute! We are so excited for her baby!

My sister in law Emily (Pregnant) and sister Laura

Andrea and Me

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Swimmer

Swimming Baby

He can't get enough of this!

8 months

Connor at 8 months:

Connor at 8 months:
-Eats all day long
-Still wears a lot of 3-6 month clothes 6-12 are WAY to big for him but the 3-6 are getting small
-Is always on his hands and knees
-Loves to dance
-Waves Hi/Bye
-Mimics your sounds...especially raspberry sounds with your lips
-Still loves to be outside
-Loves to go swimming
-Gets up early with Michael and watches Dora or Blue's Clues for a few minutes with him
-Still wakes up between 3 and 5 times a night.

P.S. He's crying in that picture...a fake cry as usual
P.S.S.Thanks again for my outfit Alison.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We've been busy lately. My sister came for a visit with Addison and Kourtney. They loved Connor and he loved them...except if you ask Kourney if she misses Connor she says, No... Michael. Addison was so cute with him and so nice to him...she had him cracking up. I started working a few weeks ago and I am exhausted. Seriously. I have only been on the floor 2 X because I was doing hospital orientation most days...but both times when I got home I completely passed out. Once holding Connor in the rocking chair...we both fell asleep. He has been sleeping horribly so that isn't helping. But I love it so far. I HATE leaving my baby, but I know he is o.k. with my Mom because she knows him as well as I do. I am excited to learn some more nursing skills that I can use at home with my family. It's weird because I have been out of school for so long, but I'm amazed at how fast everything is coming back. I'm only part time so after all of this training I will only have to go 2 days a week and night shifts at that! Exactly what I wanted...Michael says I just have to try it out and if I hate working I can always quit! So true..But it should work out nice.

And on a side note: I have been obsessed with these jalapeno kettle chips lately. I got hooked on the Jimmy Johns ones. It is a bad problem. I can't buy them because I like them too much! Yummy!

Connor at 7 months

I know this post is a little late, but we've been busy around here! Connor was sick all last week and he still has a runny nose but feels SO much better!
7 Months:
-Pro at sitting-never falls over
-Added momma to his sounds (dada, baba, blah, etc the usual baby sounds. haha)
-Slept through the night 1 time 2 weeks ago...I've never felt so good
-Was only getting up 2 X a night but has been getting up about 4 X a night the past 2 weeks--perfect timing because I started working so I get NO sleep at all
-Naps 2 X a day usually for 20 min and then an hour
-Throws the biggest fits...squeezes his eyes shut and screams until he gets his way
-Laughs a little more often. He started laughing hysterically and sometimes can't stop
-Plays with his toys
-Still loves the bath and jacuzzi
-Nurses 4 X a day and eats solids 3-4 X a day
-Smiles a ton (when he's not whining or crying)
-Still LOVES being outside and going for long walks
- Loves to watch you brush your teeth and loves when you let him hold the toothbrush while you are brushing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Connor's first Vacation

California Trip

Connor and I flew down to California at the beginning of the month to stay with my sister Laura. Her husband is in law school and never home because he is a good student who studies ALL OF THE TIME so we decided to go keep her company while Michael was on a work trip. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect...As soon as they picked me up from the airport Addison, my 3 year old niece, kept telling me, "See Stephanie the weather here is great. I keep trying to tell you how wonderful our weather is and that you should live here. Wow it's so warm." and she went on and on about it the entire time. We went on walks, got Thrifty's ice cream, met up with my best friend when I was a little girl and had a play date with her 2 kids, ate at the best breakfast place in the world, made yummy dinner, played with the puppy and played with Tyler (Laura's brother in-law)...He would take Connor and hang out with him which was so nice of him! Connor loved him! Kourtney and Addison both adored Connor and couldn't get enough of him and I couldn't get enough of them!!

We had a great surprise our last day there. My sister Carinn drove down from Rosamond with her kids to surprise us and spent the day playing in the park with us and hanging out. Her kids were all so excited to see Connor and he got 4 more cousins adoring him and loving him that day! I love that all of the cousins love each other so much. I have the best sisters! I love being with them and had a perfect day with them and all of the babies. Thanks for driving all of the way to see made our trip complete! We of course missed Emily and her babies.
After 3 days of fun we made our trip home. Connor did great on the plane both ways which was a relief because our flight there was at 7 in the morning and our flight home didn't get in until 1030 at night so i was worried about him not sleeping. Nursing on a small plane was not that great especially with 2 grown men next to me, but Connor was good so I can't complain. Here's a picture of him on his first plane ride (still in pajamas because I had to put him in the car at 6 am and I wasn't going to wake him up to dress him!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Connor at 6 months

6 Months

Crazy that it has been 6 months since Connor was born! He is getting more fun every day and I love waking up to him every morning! He is a much happier baby and is getting a little personality that is so funny!

At 6 months Connor:
-Sits up and plays with his toys he started a few weeks ago
-Smiles at everyone
-Says Dadada all day long and baba. He gets a few mamas in there too.
-Eats solids at lunch and dinner and nurses every 2 hours
-Eats 2 times a night still
- Loves hanging upside down whenever I am holding him
-Being outside...he always has loved this!
-Looking around-He will not sleep if there are other people around that he can look at
-Loves to spit and blow bubbles with his lips

Doesn't Like:
-When I leave the room
-Lotion (never has liked it but I make him get it every night after his bath)
-When his mom isn't holding him but is in the same room
-When you don't feed him fast enough
-When his dad hangs him upside down for too long!
-Rolling- he seriously never does it
-Being in his car seat when it is dark outside

Height: 26.9 inches (62%tile)
Weight: 15.5 lbs (14.5%tile)
Head:17 inc (47%tile)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 months

Connor is already 5 months! We got a sneak peak of a happy baby the week before Christmas. He wasn't sick and he was all smiles and soo was like we got a new baby! Then he got sick again the day after Christmas and it was sad fussy baby all over again. He is just starting to feel better and get back to the happy baby we met a couple of weeks ago!
At 5 months Connor
-You will almost always see Connor with his mouth wide open trying to get everything in it!
-Still loves to cuddle his mom
-Has been eating every 2 hours all night long...
-Eats everything! Peaches, pears, prunes, apples, bananas, peas, mashed potatoes, carrots, and his favorite is Avocado!
-No longer will eat rice cereal which he only ate for about a week (he started it the week before he turned 4 months)
-Still nurses the exact same amount even though he eats solids
-Goes to bed around 8:30 -9 :00 at night
-Naps...what are those? maybe 15-40 minutes 2 X a day
-Cries if I put him down...makes it hard to get anything done
-Loves playing with his dad when he gets home from work!
-Loves to watch us eat and begs for it
-Loves TV ... I have heard a lot of boy babies love technology!

Friday, December 9, 2011

4 month check up

We took Connor in for his 4 month check up today.

Length: 25.5 (68%)
Weight:13.3 (15%)
Head: 16.2 (19%)

& No shots because...they found a double ear infection. So he is now on antibiotics and will go back next week for his shots!! Poor guy is just having a hard time with all of this. But the doctor did say go ahead and feed him...not only that but he said feed him anything we want besides peanut butter, shellfish & eggs. As long as it is a consistency he likes and take it slow introducing them. He also said he doesn't need to eat all night like he is so as soon as he gets better we MIGHT try to fix that. We will see how strong I am. He is so cute and it is so sad to see him so miserable. I hope he feels better soon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sick Baby

Sick babies are not fun.

Connor had a little cold for a week and I thought we got lucky that it never turned into a bad cold. Then 2 nights ago he started coughing a ton and it looked like he couldn't catch his breath when he would cough. So we took him to the doctors and sure enough he had Croup.

So the doctor gave him a steroid shot to help reduce the inflammation in his airway and we left. We have been doing lots of steamy showers and "sleeping" sitting up in a chair to help him sleep better. He gets up every 1-2 hours all night and will only go back to sleep if I feed him because he feels so bad. He is so sad and miserable when he wakes up coughing. I hope this ends sooner than later!! I feel so bad for sick babies!

Here he is watching a rudolph christmas movie I put on for him the other day...He loves TV and I really needed to get some cleaning done...bad me. I only left him there for about 10 minutes.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 months

4 months old:
Connor is already 4 months old! He has his 4 month doctor apt. on Friday so we will see how round 2 of shots goes!!!
-Goes to bed around 9, was sleeping until 2 but has been getting up at 11-12 lately, then 2 or 3 then 5 or 6 then 7ish...anyway...What is sleep?
-Loves talking in the middle of the night when he wakes up before he starts screaming...then he just sits there and smiles at me when he sees me...he knows that is the only way to redeem himself at those hours
-Hates tummy time...he may never roll over
-Loves talking and sometimes likes to smile...does not like to laugh...He is usually very serious
-Grabs everything you put in front of him and puts it right in his mouth
-Still drools like crazy...his clothes are always soaked
-Eats every 2 hours during the day...I am ready to start solids to see if I can stop nursing him so much
-He hates getting dressed
-He loves when people sing to him
- He does not like the dark
-Still is swaddled every night...we put him down not swaddled tonight so we will see how that goes!
-He loves toys with big eyes especially his baby Einstein playmat because it has a whale with big eyes and an octopus with big eyes

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last night I was up with Connor every 2 hours. During my 2 hour stretches of sleep I was having crazy dreams. One was about this free give away everyone was getting. It was a free trip to Disneyland and all you had to do to get it was get 8 hours of sleep in a row. I was like there's no way I could ever fool them about getting 8 hours of sleep! Haha. It was so random but so true! My poor baby just doesn't like to sleep and I might die from not sleeping or just always be grumpy...maybe one day he will decide to sleep. At least he redeems himself when I hear him laying there talking to himself in the middle of the is really cute. And at least Michael takes the shifts starting at 630 after I feed him for the 4th time!! How do people do this without a husband?

Friday, November 4, 2011

3 Months Old

Connor is already 3 months old!
-He is such a good baby.
-He goes to bed at 10:30 and sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours...last night 7.
-He talks non stop. We took family pictures today and he talked the entire 45 minutes
-He loves to suck on his hands. His index finger is always bright red
-He started laughing and it is the cutest sound ever
-He loves to stand up
-He loves to take a nap cuddling me every day around 3 or 4 (Favorite part of my day)
-He loves to talk to a certain pillow we have and his octopus toy
-He loves to skype his cousins
-He is always trying to sit up especially when he is in his car seat
-He loves to be put down every now and then and just look around and talk
-He sleeps in his car seat as long as the car is moving but must be taken out as soon as the car stops
-He still has to be swaddled or he won't stay asleep
-He blows bubbles all he is always drooling
-He LOVES to be outside...I am so sad winter is here
-His legs are so skinny... pants always look like ganster pants on him

Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 months

Here are some pictures of Connor at 2 months old.

Friday, October 21, 2011


2 month stats:
weight: 10.96 pounds
height: 23 inches
head: 15.25

Time is going by so fast. I can't believe how big Connor is getting. A couple of weeks ago he had his 2 month appointment and got his shots. After his nap he screamed for almost 2 was sad. He goes to bed around 1045 and sleeps for 4-5 hours usually then 3 hours then 1 or 2 hours after that. I will take it! It is much better than before. He talks SO much now and giggles. It is so cute. He likes his mom and knows when I am not holding him. He is so cute!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Chelsea and Scarlett came and saw baby Connor for a few hours on Sunday!! It was so fun. Thanks for taking the time to come and see us!!! We had so much fun playing! And Connor got to play with his Aunt Lauren and visit his Grandma and Grandpa Farrell too!

Connor and Scarlett
Playing together
Chelsea and Me with each others Babies
Aunt Lauren and Connor