Thursday, July 18, 2013


Nixon Gene

4 months ago on March 10 we had baby #2. Little Nixon Gene was induced 3 weeks early.  I was measuring small and they thought maybe he wasn't growing anymore so they took him out! It was great! I asked if I could always be induced 3 weeks early, and they said No. haha. Nixon was 6.2 lbs and healthy as could be.  He is the sweetest baby ever and I don't know how I got so lucky with this little guy.   Connor and Nixon are almost exactly 19 months apart.  Connor loves him but he doesn't really understand that he can't play. He always puts his balls in front of the baby, wanting him to throw them, and he stands there with his bat waiting for him to throw them. When Nixon throws his arms around Connor thinks he is hitting him and says, "stop it Nixon. Don't hit me." He really didn't have interest in him at first but the older he gets the more he likes him. He loves to have tummy time with him and is always looking around for him. He likes to "carry" him around now too...I of course am holding him. I love my little guys!

 Michael on the back porch with Connor on his last day as an only child. 

 One last shot before we had the baby. We forgot to take a picture earlier. 
And right after he got here!

Dad with baby boy 2. 

 Connor's first time meeting Nixon. He didn't really know what to think about him. He was still pretty young and being a boy he really had no interest in babies...I don't think he even really knew what a baby was. 
Connor loves sitting in the Bumbo. He gets mad if Nixon is in it and comes and tells me that he needs the chair. 
I feel like my little boy had to grow up so fast because a new baby came. It was sad to me to see him grow up but amazing how fast a kid can grow up when they have to. I love both of their personalities and already see a big difference in them. I love everything about both of them.  I love my 2 little men and feel so lucky to be their mom. 

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